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0:00a - donthink donthink donthink donthink donthink donthink donthink
1:00a -
2:00a -
3:00a -     FTP    
4:00a -   Deaconlight     The Waiting Room
5:00a - Floydian Slip      
6:00a - Unsigned Sunday           Lonesome Jack
7:00a - Bkfst w/Beatles           NorthwConvergence
8:00a -          
9:00a - Beatles A Rama Brainwaves          
10:00a -          
11:00a - Floydian Slip            
12:00p - Menace's Attic     Jimmy Cole CROC      
1:00p - Menace Sunday            
2:00p -           MfPwLM
3:00p - Ian Whitcomb     FTP      
4:00p - FTP     one less worry      
5:00p -          
6:00p - Unsigned Sunday            
7:00p - Lonesome Jack       FTP    
8:00p - Soundclash Lonesome Jack Lonesome Jack Lonesome Jack Lonesome Jack Lonesome Jack Floydian Slip
9:00p -         FTP Lonesome Jack
10:00p -         Brainwaves FTP
11:00p -         Menace's Attic
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